Occupational Health


Rae Engineers is committed to the Occupational Health and Safety.

Therefore, in all our projects will seek to provide resources and safe working conditions through training and active participation of each of our employees to have a risk free environment, incidents or illnesses, all in favor of an improvement continuous and sustainable.

Similarly, in purchases and acquisitions we make will watch because they do not affect or compromise the physical or mental well-being of our employees as well as others.

As a starting point Preventive Management System, the company has a clearly defined policy, which reflects his interest in work that is done safely, to abide by its commitment to Occupational Health.

Our Management System includes the following principles:

  • Compliance with all laws in force in Costa Rica relating to Occupational Health.
  • Protection and maintenance of the highest level of wellness, both physical and mental, of all workers, decreasing the maximum incidents generation and the risks at source.
  • Preservation of good operating conditions in material and financial resources, making use optimization and minimizing any loss.
  • Warranty conditions and waste management do not pollute the environment and meet current standards.
  • Responsibility of the Headquarters for providing a healthy and safe working, through equipment, procedures and programs.
  • Responsibility of all employees for their safety, those under his charge and the company.
  • Incorporation of risk management in each of the tasks.